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Video Premiere: Ghost King “Slither”

Listen up y’all – there’s a million things that we’d all rather do than work the 9-5. It’s a feeling shared by most of us, save for those who have really drunk the kool-aid and insist that they “love their job” (keep telling yourself that as you slug away for 40+ hours a week pal). But Brooklyn psych-rock outfit Ghost King finds a convenient work around in their new video for “Slither” – what if you could work while you play? Revolutionary thinking, imo.

The video, directed and edited by Haoyan of America, shows the four members of the band on sanitation duty, picking up trash and haranguing littering ne’er-do-wells, all the while shredding some gnar and getting absolutely pitted. As Ghost King pull off sick kick flips (is this how skaters talk?), “Slither” churns along in the background, a fun acid-tinged romp of stompbox-friendly guitar riffs, made all the more trippy by vocalist/guitarist Carter McNeil’s impressionistic lyricism.

The track’s a tight two minutes, but those craving more Ghost King can hear more on the forthcoming LP, Dunbar Swamp, dropping soon. In the meantime, peep the link to the video below.

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