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The video for HEARTSREVOLUTION‘s song “SEARCH AND DESTROY” begins with a sample that sounds like it’s from one of those World War 2 propaganda videos made for kids. “Let us face without panic the reality of our time” a man’s voice says over shots of feminist protest signs and band member Ben playing a bedazzled guitar, before continuing “and let us prepare for survivial by understanding the weapon that faces us.”

Filled with doomsday imagery juxtaposed with pink-filled shots of Lo riding a unicorn, the video acts as an aesthetic extension of HEARTSREVOLUTION’s poppy yet chaotic sound. The videos also showcases what appears to be the band’s original lineup, with a leather clad Prince Terrence as drummer hammering away while vocalist Lo yells slogans like “this will be historical!” and Ben shreds away.  In the world full of racists, looming nuclear war, limited healthcare, we need some lighthearted music videos that don’t ignore our political realities. “I believe in the dreams of the new revolution,” Lo says in the breakdown, and it’s that hope that we will somehow figure all this out is what makes this video so appealing.

HEARTSREVOLUTION ‘Revolution Rising’ it out now on Burger Records 

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