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Video Premiere: Joey Agresta “Don’t Be Sad”

We are excited to premiere the music video for Joey Agresta’s “Don’t Be Sad,” created by John J. Andrews. “Dont Be Sad” is off his recently released LP, Let’s Not Talk About Music. Currently residing in Burlington, Vermont (formally from Northern New Jersey), Agresta worked on the record over the course of three years; arranging, performing, recording, and mixing it all in his cozy bedroom studio. You may recognized Joey by one of his other pseudonyms: Joey Pizza Slice, Son of Salami, Salami Junior – to name a few.

“Don’t Be Sad” verges on melancholy, albeit still uplifting. Andrew’s animations depict someone who may be dealing with depression, certainly someone who is not satisfied with their life. But as the video progresses, his frown turns upside down with a little help from a friend and a Joey Pizza Slice concert – sometimes that’s all it takes. “Sorry I don’t know what to do with myself / all I do is fuck myself up’, Agresta sings. Can we agree those lyrics are relatable as hell? ‘I’ll find my way somewhere out there, don’t be sad’ he repeats in the chorus. With the current state of, well… everything, I think we all could all use the reminder.

Check out the video below:

Let’s Not Talk About Music is out now via Wharf Cat.

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