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Video Premiere: Plain Dog “Cherry Cola”

an unusual summer night

Have you ever experienced a dramatic trip to the bodega? Maybe you bought enough junk food to feed yourself for a year, maybe you ran into the last-person-on-this-fucking-planet you wanted to see, or maybe you had a public meltdown because they stopped selling Rice Krispies Treats (TM). Whatever it is, it pales in comparison Plain Dog’s bodega binge gone awry.

“Cherry Cola” is the visual companion to a new single off the bodega-familiar Brooklyn band’s first full-length album, which touches down this Spring. The band’s debut music video was co-filmed, directed, and edited by Russell Efros (vocals/guitar) and Alec Nichols (drums) in Miami of January 2016.

“Cherry Cola” – Plain Dog – Bandcamp

Plain Dog will be performing April 25th @ Black Bear Bar (Brooklyn, NY).
Russell Efros – Vocals, guitar
Willie Almack – Lead Guitar
Alex Thompson – Bass
Alec Nicholas – Drums
Super cute, neon-lit, prom themed, band pic credit:

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