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Video Premiere: Psychic Selves “Rosemary”

Photo by Devon Bristol Shaw

Psychic Selves‘ new single ‘Rosemary’  is a love song about loving yourself and not letting outside forces get in the way. The Brooklyn based band comprised of Pepto G, David Taveras, Jon Rocha, Oliver Switzer, and Javier Roldan create psych-pop vibes with a splash of melodic post-punk undertones, meant for night surfers and reminiscent of The Cure and early Beach Fossils.

From their most recent EP Lucid Night comes their new single, “Rosemary” released via Time Castle Records. Recorded in Bed-Stuy, the song starts with a steady sweet build and slowly sweeps you away like the ebb and flow of the tide. Just when you think there’s about to be a lull, a rogue set of waves come crashing down, taking you away to sea. It’s the calm before a storm, a white squall of emotions, sudden and violent because loving yourself for who you are, really can be a tender and hard thing we do.

Directed by fellow Brooklyn musician, Luke Carr, the video features Haley Hagendorf as the girl in question, with guest appearance by Surfbort‘s Dani Miller. Beautifully shot and seemingly soft in appearance, the video itself serves as a nice visual contrast to the music as it follows the mystical goths around on a outwardly routine day. Subtle hints at the underlying themes of the melancholic lyrics reveal a love story about accepting yourself.

Make sure to catch Psychic Selves’ at their cassingle tape release show at The Knitting Factory with Birds and Hot Curl coming up on August 22nd and enjoy watching the video below!

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