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Video Premiere: Sloppy Jane “Mindy”

Premiere by Mandy Brownholtz. Photo by Daniel Topete.

Sloppy Jane is the brainchild of artist Haley Dahl, newly relocated from L.A. to Brooklyn. Known for her wildly subversive on-stage antics that hedge on performance art, she’s reestablished the band in New York with new members and is set to drop a first full-length record in the coming months.

With that, the washed-out fever dream that is the video for single “Mindy” serves as a perfect introduction to the band. Set to Dahl’s nightmarishly girly vocals layered over heavy, dark guitar riffs, she takes on the myth of the tooth fairy, but perverts its childhood innocence: the tooth fairy himself is a lecherous-looking old man, who leaves money under Dahl’s pillow as she gleefully shoves the bills in her mouth and uses pliers to pull her teeth out to earn more.

It’s unsettling in a magnetic way, forcing us to question our bodies as commodities and what exactly we’ll do to earn a quick buck.

Find Sloppy Jane on Facebook and catch them at Knitting Factory on September 6th.

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