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Video premiere: The Entire Universe “Just Don’t”

The last time we had the overlords of suaveness, The Entire Universe, on site they were premiering their twinkling yer subdued track “Can They Hear?” The band has since continued to release music, their latest single being “Just Don’t” and today we’re premiering its music video.

“Just Don’t” was directed by Gilbert Trejo and shot completely on Super 8mm analogue film. It’s a combination of footage of the band performing live at Zebulon (where they’re performing tonight) as well as hanging out around LA. The music video manages to capture the seemingly evasive allure of the band—their charm, their charisma, and the feeling that they’ve walked out of Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1970s.

It’s old school rock and roll glamour—sweat and sequins reflecting in the dust that’s accumulated in the corners of your favorite smoke-filled and shag carpeted venue. Watch the music video and catch a quick Q&A with the band below.

What does The Entire Universe’s universe look like? 

The name “The Entire Universe” is a tribute to everything and everyone that could, has & will ever be. This video is an analog window into our universe, flickering disco balls & all!

What’s coming next?

Our next 7″  “Can They Hear? / “Revolving Sun” is coming out in limited edition packaging via the Union Zero label in Seattlem WA. It features art by Natalie Bergman of Wild Belle and a die-cut keyhole cover. Our last 7″ sold out before we could even get copies of it, so we’re really excited to have these at our shows soon.

If you could only watch one music video for the rest of your life what would it be? Would it be ecstasy or torture?

Missy Elliott’s “Work It.” Watching that would start as ecstasy and then gradually shift into a form of torture, only to melt our brains into submission, bringing it back to complete ecstasy.

The Entire Universe plays tonight at Zebulon in LA. 21+, tickets and details here.

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