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Video Premiere: The Values “Colors”

Forget all the colors of the wind–try seeing all the colors of the passing cars.

Brooklyn group The Values is coming at you with a brand new music video for their track “Colors.” A nostalgic song about getting lost in your own stare, spending money you don’t have, and seeing life as a blur of colors. Soothing vocals that are manicured to perfection are accompanied by a catchy-as-hell melody with a rainbow of instruments. The self-titled EP will be out Sept. 14 and it’s a whirlwind of sounds and imagery that’s sure to keep you hooked.

The video is, of course, bursting with psychedelic colors and trippy dance sequences. Scenes of The Values singing in nothing but bath towels switch to shimmery dresses and ’60s inspired dance moves–everything’s so bright it’ll burn into your memory. It’s like Austin Powers and Andy Warhol has a jaded New Yorker baby.

Check out the brand new music video for “Colors” below and get ready for their EP release 9/14!

Find The Values on Facebook and catch them at The Knitting Factory 9/1!

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