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Video Premiere: Twisty Cats “My Quiet Fantasy”

Twisty Cats latest video for their track “My Quiet Fantasy”  is like watching a black magic erotica. The women in the film gather in a semi-circle like witches performing a spell, covered in satin and diaphanous organzas, the rest of the congregation drink from chalices and bond each other in these fabrics. Both vocalists Peter and Blake have their own “quiet fantasy” until they are gathered together in a ceremony they drink a potion from a crystal vase,  which at the time is probably pronounced like “vahz” not “veyz”. The fantasy is dark and about suffering for your love Peter describes his ideal partner as a “ravaged beauty” while Blake sings about him like a “ghost from the past, tall, dark, brooding.” Each one goes through a trial of tests until they finally reach one another, either by choice or submission, it is unclear. The vocals are husky and the track quickly becomes a classic glam rock anthem, with ecstatic drums and guitar riffs. 

Catch them play on  June 13th at Berlin with Vacay Ultra and Yaasss

June 14th at El Cortez with Lulu Lewis and Flesh

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