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Watch: Aldous Harding “Blend”

New Zealand based artist Aldous Harding has revealed her latest music video for “Blend,” in the lead up to her European tour. The song, taken from her latest album, Party, which once again conveys Harding’s quietly dark and captivating sound. The video was inspired by the playmates in Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and depicts Harding, clad in a hand-made costume and armed with two guns, dancing provocatively for the camera. Created by Charlotte Evans, the video parallels the scene in Apocalypse Now as it straddles the feelings of enjoyment and danger aroused by male attention. Harding’s emotive face fills the screen as she moves around a stark white room against softly spoken lyrics; her body and voice a theatrical weapon. Speaking out on the making of the video Harding admitted “I spent eight hours dancing on a Lazy Susan, it was easy really.” The video illustrates another remarkable stride in Harding’s creative output and conjures feelings of both discomfort and desire.

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