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Watch: Colin Caulfield “Looking for Revenge”

DIIV’s Colin Caulfield falls in love with a truck in his new video for “Looking for Revenge,” and things get pretty steamy. The My Strange Addiction inspired video tells a modern love story of a car wash attendant and an elderly man’s pickup truck. Some very passionate and sensual scenes ensue in the fantasies of the life they could have together. This is art.

The song itself isn’t directly about engaging in a romantic and/or sexual relationship with a truck, though feel free to interpret it however you please. It’s still a very suitable song to share with your s/o, inanimate or not. Sonically, “Looking For Revenge” and his other singles could still be compared to the music of DIIV, but the vibe is more relaxed and focused on synthesizers and electronic drums than electric guitars and live percussion.

Apart from the video, Caulfield adds some genuine depth and meaning to his new single. He explained that post-election, the divide in the country he saw was similar to that of a bad break up – where both sides demand a lot while refusing to give or compromise. The song realizes that sense of conflict and questions cynicism as well as the need for revenge.¬†Listening, rather than watching the video, is undoubtedly a different experience. But it’s still just as fulfilling as the relationship between Colin and the old man’s pickup truck.

Light a few candles, dim the lights and watch the video here:

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