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Watch: Dark Times “Take It In”

It’s that time of day again. I know I should be working on some kind of spreadsheet, sorting through a few emails, or doing literally anything more productive than scrolling through Facebook or watching random shit. But that’s what I’m doing, and fuck it, I know I’m not the only one.

So for anyone else like me, here’s a video of dogs riding subways, dogs strolling around parks, and dogs meeting other dogs. It’s sure to eat up about five minutes, and what’s more it’s backed by a pretty awesome track from Norwegian band Dark Times.

The song itself is heavy, frustrated, and swamped in fast paced guitars licks that clearly have a bone to pick. Lead singer Ann Kristin Traaen sings loud over the top of it, urging the listener to “take it in” before taking a backseat and letting the instruments jam together for the last half, which is a part of the track I’d dare anyone to listen to without head bobbing along with. Trust me, it’s nearly impossible.

Their second album Tell Me What I Need came out in April, so go check that out too, or go check out some more dog videos, or both.

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