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Watch: Dead Stars “Someone Else”


Dead Stars practically take you on a walking tour of Brooklyn in their newest video for “Someone Else,” a single off of their upcoming LP Slumber. Similar to their brand of fuzzed out indie pop, the video is an earnest and grainy adventure through a sunny day in the city, following the trio as they venture to familiar locales such as The Levee, Barcade, the Williamsburg Bridge, and, of course, your friendly neighborhood bodegas and laundromats.

The song itself is a roaring good time. While it may be a bit nostalgic for the ’90s, it’s a track that’s perfectly ready for summer right here in 2014, and we expect you’re going to be hearing a lot more of it in the coming months. At the the chorus, frontman Jeff Moore sings, “You said I could never by myself / Acting like I’m someone else / I don’t think you understand.” Jeff, I think we understand — and if the upcoming album is full of hooks that are as instantly memorable as this one here, we think others will too.

Slumber is out June 17 from Old Flame Records.

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