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Watch: DENA shares vhs visuals for “So Wrong”

Berlin rapper, DENA has released visuals for her latest track, “So Wrong” off her upcoming album, If It’s Written. The low-fi, hazy music video triggers every late 80’s alt-rock bone in my body. Throughout the brief clips that make up this track, the uber cool DENA and Canadian singer Sean Nicholas Savage ask all of our burning summer break up questions like, “How many tears until it goes away?”  The pair don’t do much in this video but stare at each other and grow more moody crooning through this minimal slow jam but they look so good doing it. The angelic vocals offered by Savage create a space where the only thing I want to do is drive to the beach. DENA spoke on the video saying, “I wrote “So Wrong” after returning to Berlin from New York where I recorded my EP Trust some time ago. That time marked the beginnings of me questioning the idea of a city as stability and ‘home.’ It’s a song I wrote more as an ode to a place, as a person, it’s about (be) longing and missing and not having.”

Watch “So Wrong” below

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