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Watch: Die Antwoord-“Pitbull Terrier”


If you’re not familiar with South African rap group, Die Antwoord then you are in for a treat with this one. The video directed by the groups own, Ninja, features himself as a horny, evil canine who terrorizes victims in a desolate city. It also features ¥o-Landi Vi$$er dressed as a demonic sex kitten who brings him to life at the end of the video (spoiler alert) with her own spit. Only Die Antwoord could take this fetish nightmare to conceive a solid video and bumpin’ rave song.

Die Antwoord are infamous for their absurd and controversial music videos, which is part of the reason for the global success of their first two albums, $O$ and Ten$Ion. However, their badassary doesn’t stop with their videos.  Since forming in 2008, the group released their first album, $O$ for free online, created their own record label and continue to unapologetically shock people with their music.

“Pitbull Terrier” is the latest single off  their third album, Donker Mag, which will be released via their own label, Zef Records on June 3rd.

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