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Watch: Gift Wrap “Losing Count”

Brendan Avalos is an all-around great Brooklyn guy who can be found at any given showing of local talent, especially in the Dull Tools-Parquet Courts sphere, often performing with his punk band B Boys. He has announced a debut solo album with Captured Tracks under the moniker Gift Wrap – the album is called Losing Count and it’s out March 2nd.

Check out the title track/visual below: it features jutting, choppy vox reminiscent of Brendan’s punk roots with B Boys, but a much chiller and chillier musical arrangement. There’s an urgency in its pacing, backed by Brendan’s dead-pan voice, that causes the track to quickly devolve into a dance-off between anxiety and avant pop. Shaky, scratchy and perfectly aligned with our consistently unstable political/cultural environment, it’s a bit of solace from the bombardment. This lone track, with a video of daily life spent traversing the NYC subway with a glimpse of sunlight coming at the very end, has me stoked for the album release.

Album can be pre-ordered here from Captured Tracks and here from iTunes.

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