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Watch: HMLTD “Music!”

HMLTD have created yet another beautifully chaotic music video; this time for their new track “Music!”. In keeping with their gigs, the band create a fully sensory experience, and at the beginning of the video the viewer is literally submerged into the oesophagus of one of the band members. Throughout their strife to decontextualize guitar music, the band perennially straddle the gorgeous and the grotesque. The video, framed as a circular medical camera, depicts the journey of the camera inside the throat of frontman Henry Spychalski as his body reacts to the thumping music around him. The surrealist video is a mesh of neon strobes and rotating band members in a mirrored pageantry. The song “Music!” is a catchy anthem and nods to their eclectic mix of European heritages. The sound infuses pop, punk rock and industrial noise, which is only exacerbated by their extravagant costumes and make-up. Encapsulating the the theatre of Halloween, the vocals of Franz Ferdinand and whiffs of Bowie, the video to “Music!” is just another example of why HMLTD are a truly exciting contribution to the regeneration of rock.

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