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Watch: Jakob Ogawa “You Might Be Sleeping”

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Fallen Angels (1995) Wong Kar-Wai

Ambient-dream-weaver, Jakob Ogawa, just dropped a music video for his single “You Might Be Sleeping” from his 2017 Bedroom Tapes EP.

With the help of editors Anders Gjærde & Benjamin Schandy, Ogawa pieces together intimate moments of couples on motorcycles and mopeds from films like Rebels Of The Neon God (1992), directed by Tsai Ming-liang and Fallen Angels (1995), directed by Wong Kar-Wai.

Rebels Of The Neon God (1992) Tsai Ming-liang

Ogawa has been teasing this reference to 90’s Cantonese cinema while promoting the EP. “You Might Be Sleeping” is imbued with nostalgic sentiment that compliments this era of second wave Cantonese film. Often centered around a protagonist participating in, but feeling disillusioned from their society while yearning for love. The duet between Ogawa and Clario parallels the couples that share intimate moments in bedrooms or finding closeness in the deafening speed of highways and tunnels.

Bedroom Tapes EP is available everywhere!

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