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Watch: King Krule “Half Man Half Shark”

King Krule debuts his third single “Half Man Half Shark” in a compilation of lo-fi footage taken from recent shows in New York, LA and London. Doused in soft red tones, the video is permeated with nostalgia, as Krule softly explains in his lyrics “it’s the evoke of trust holding this frame of rust / I had to let go.”

The informal quality of the video bares resemblance to Snapchat or Instagram videos, it’s immediacy transports you into the bustling crowd of past shows of the British singer. Overlaid on the video are looped animations by Theo Chin, ambiguous puddles stretch and move over the VHS footage, mimicking the confusion resonating in Krule’s lyrics, “aspirations ingrown / I’ll forever be alone.” Krule’s video ends on a more tragic note, leaving us wondering what the tone of his new album The Ooz will be. You can also check out the first two single from the album “Czech One” and “Dum Surfer.”

The Ooz is due out October 13th via True Panther Sounds/XL.

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