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Watch: Launder “Chew”

Filmed in 16mm, LA’s Launder’s newest music video for “Chew” grasps your attention from the get-go thanks to the dramatic effect commanded by the point of view in which it was shot – from the perception of the protagonist’s cats. Starring The Paranoyds Staz Linden, the chaos and anxiety that’s palpable throughout the story can only be experienced via the cat in question. The feline creep is not afraid of its owner’s agitated state episode in bed, or the pounding of an almost full beer on the floor, on the contrary it seems to stay obedient and as observant as possible — to come later to the rescue. You seem to think the cat is indeed the protagonist instead of Staz’s character, and the relationship of the kitten with its human companion has evolved and is able to pick up cues — my human is not happy, but I am here for her. The environment in “Chew” could’ve triggered stress behaviors on any animal, but Staz’s voyeuristic companion wants to understand human behavior. “Chew” is commanded by its texturized, ethereal vocals and muses over heartache and fuzzed guitars. Needless to say, the video elevates the song’s shoegaze approach and allows it to go beyond, attaching the context of its story line with the track – an almost abstract melody and a very in your face visual.

Watch the video for “Chew” below, produced and styled by Lindsey Hartman, filmed by Ben Mullen and directed by Robbie Barnett. Featuring also Wyatt Noble. Launder’s Powder / Chew 7” is available here.


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