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Watch: Mo Troper “Tow Truck”

Photo by Samantha Sutcliffe.

A la boy bands of the 60s, namely The Monkees, Portland based Mo Troper takes to an older style of music videos. Joined by his three band members, the Oregonian singer-songwriter bops side to side in colorful garb to the band’s latest, “Tow Truck.” Inducing head nods and foot taps, the track has an infectious quality, not surprising of Mo Troper—coming from a state with so much rain, his tracks feel soaked in sunshine.

Off of the band’s latest record, Exposure & Response, the video for “Tow Truck” takes a charming look at the boys in the band, as they approach their homage to their predecessors with a tongue-in-cheek attack. It’s amusing and equally heartwarming, oozing with nostalgia for the surreal qualities of former times.

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