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Watch: Promiseland “My Shadow”

Promiseland has taken New York City. The solo project of Australian artist Johann Rashid has cultivated a reputation for destroying and even scaling every venue he plays, resulting in countless injuries to himself. After signing to Cult Records, his music now has equally raucous videos to further delve into the psyche of Promiseland.

His low-key single (well, low-key for him) “My Shadow,” recently got a music video of its own and it’s just as eerie as the track. The visual splices together shifting images of fuzzy television screens, close-ups of an erratic eye, and Johann himself screaming the song while trapped inside a spacesuit. His face contorts and convulses within the suit’s helmet, but, to ghostly effect, the body never moves. It’s a haunting video like a deleted scene from Alien, staged with fog and flashing technological lights.

Promiseland will be playing our Cult Citizen at SXSW! Read more about it here.

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