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Watch: Teengirl Fantasy feat. Lafawndah “Lung”

Synth pop dance duo Teengirl Fantasy have released their first video from their upcoming EP Thermal. The haunting beats paired with the sensual beauty and angelic vocals of Lafawndah make “Lung” a must-see.  The video follows a woman who has fallen out of love and finds peace traveling through a tropical abyss.  As she roams around the luscious green fields of Fire Island, trying to escape love, she ends up on a beach descending into a vortex of blue and green hues, and we are left with our hearts palpitating

Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi of Teengirl Fantasy formed while attending Oberlin College in the late 2000s.  Since then, the pair have created three solid EP’s including their critically acclaimed Nun EP in 2013.

Their upcoming EP Thermal will be out November 18th

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