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Watch: The Modern Savage Drop Your Winter Cure in “Pull Me”

Anchorage based post-punk band, The Modern Savage have dropped an antidote for anyone feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day in their video for “Pull Me.” Amorous Alaskans are posed the question, “How do you make love stay?” in which they must answer and reveal on poster board throughout the track.  Answers range from “Make sure its genuine” to “You Don’t” but are threaded together by their unabashed sincerity. Lead singer Jenni May Toro emerges in the video doing her best controlled Karen O yelp over kinetic progressive rock-pop melodies. “Pull Me” was conceived amidst Toro’s divorce but instead of linking its visuals to the high-energy breakup song, the group opted for a collaborative effort to make their fans hopeful. “More than ever, our nation is struggling to pull together,” Jenni May Toro says. “There’s an aura of division and fear of the future. When these threads of connectivity are exposed, empathy happens, love happens.” Here’s to hoping this is the new trend in breakup tunes. “Pull Me” is off their equally fantastic sophomore album, Unwilling Participants which is out now.

Check out their whimsical video for “Pull Me” below.

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