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Premiering THICK’s music video for “LYFE”

Photo by Kevin W. Condon

Dunno about all of you reading this but I’ve had kind of a shit week. My Hanukkah has been less lit than I anticipated (so far – I’m holding out for a miracle) and, in so many words, I got kinda dunked on in a recent job interview. I guess that’s part of the reason why THICK’s new song + video “LYFE” has resonated with me, a production geared to those down on their luck, sustained by cautious and evenhanded optimism.

The video’s a grungy tale of making lemons from lemonade in which THICK drummer Shari Page is abducted by two blonde spies, turning to a raucously fun life of debauchery that’s filled with gambling, hair-dying and cigarette smoking (inadvertently summing up my experience of moving to New York).

“LYFE’s” chorus sustains the theme of the video, repeating the refrain, “I know my life is fine and it’s alright,” a cathartic rallying cry for those who know deep down things are okay, and that despite occasional setbacks, they will continue to be okay. It’s a frenzied dance through the flames that consume you (e.g. adult life), a joyous celebration to not sweat the small stuff. And it really is all small stuff.

You can catch THICK at their Brooklyn Bazaar  video release party this Friday, supported by Whiner, Fat Heaven, and Glass Slipper. Until then, stream their most recent effort, Would You Rather.

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