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Watch: Who Is She? “Top 8”

There’s still no word on if/when punk supergroup Childbirth will release new music, but now there’s another Seattle-based trio boasting 2/3 members of Childbirth and a similar silly sense of humor to obsess over. Tacocat’s Bree McKenna and Chastity Belt’s Julia Shapiro have replaced Ponytime’s Stacy Peck with Lisa Prank’s Robin Edwards to form Who is She? and on their first song “Top 8” the trio sound like Childbirth’s more pop-friendly easygoing cousin. The song is a lighthearted ode to feeling insecure about your friendships, with Edwards taking lead vocals to describing a series of social media snubs and unanswered texts.  The song’s accompanying lyric video doesn’t pull any fancy punches with it’s animated album cover border and scribbled purple lyrics, but it does go the extra mile to draw speech bubbles between the band members when they clash over a profile picture.  The song harkens back to simpler times when I was worried about my friend’s Myspace page and not a burgeoning Neo-Nazi movement.

Who is She? have a record called Seattle Gossip coming out 10/6 on Father/Daughter Records. The song titles include lol-worthy offerings like “I’m Getting Courtney Cox And David Arquette Back Together If It’s The Last Thing I Do” and “Nervous Dufflebag Boy.” After you watch the lyric video for “Top 8” you can check out the full tracklist and preorder Seattle Gossip below.

01 “Nervous Dufflebag Boy”
02 “Top 8″
03 “Seattle Freeze”
04 “Worst Girl At The 5 Point”
05 “I’m Getting Courtney Cox And David Arquette Back Together If It’s The Last Thing I Do”
06 “John Titor”
07 “Romcom”
08 “Blushin’ On The 44″
09 “Whatever”
10 “Jordan Catalano”
11 “Angry Bitches”

Seattle Gossip is out 10/6 via Father/Daughter Records. Pre-order it here.

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