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Watch: Vypers “Mr Girl”

“Mr Girl,” the latest single from Vypers most recent EP, Champion 100, and it is a track with psychedelic veins.

Vyper’s most apparent ingredient is feedback – FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK. However, infused in this feedback are intelligently written songs. Vypers may thrive on experimentation and creating new sounds, but they also have a knack for making great, catchy hooks.

Having played with bands The Black Lips and Together Pangea, Vypers fit into the ‘garage rock’ label, but what makes them a must-listen is the experimentation they are unafraid to express. The band has talent, but they also have guts.

In the accompanying video for “Mr Girl,” Vypers also displays knack for showcasing their art in a great live video. The use of blue aura, cut by epileptic flashing lights, only furthers the band’s psychedelic tendencies, and lets the song come full circle with dazzling visuals, which would trip-out even the most seasoned veteran of psychedelia.

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