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Watch: Waxahatchee “Under A Rock”

Most careers that start in the bedroom fizzle out as quickly as they ignite, leaving barely an imprint on the pop culture zeitgeist. Katie Crutchfield’s passion project turned confessional rock phenomenon Waxahatchee, though, has not only beaten the odds — she’s playing a whole new game altogether. “Under A Rock,” the lead single off the ‘bama-bred songwriter’s third album, confirms that Crutchfield has become invigorated by the ruins of her past — romantic and otherwise. She is no longer a character crushed by lost love and heartbreak, but is rather empowered by it.

The single, noticeably pricklier than Waxahatchee’s other offerings, seethes with anger and sheds the emotional tunnel-vision that tangled throughout the love-lost ballads and bleary-eyed memorials that comprise her early catalog. The video, filmed in a Philly tea house, reinforces the raggedy DIY aesthetic of the project, and serves as the logical complement to Crutchfield’s weathered yowls.

Watch below.

Ivy Tripp will be out April 7 via Merge/Wichita Records.

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