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We survived SXSW: Quit Your Day Job and everything else

Text by Tamim Alnuweiri. Videos and photos by Cheryl Georgette except where noted, gifs by Luis Lucio.

Quit Your Day Job

Luis and I took a 6 am flight to Austin and he came over right after work so basically I was up from 1 am until 8 pm the next day when I passed out. We got to Texas and checked out our very bizzaro and religious suburban Airbnb. Luis did the smart thing and took a nap but this bitch (me!!!) stayed up and lived in delirium for the rest of the day. Honestly I was too revved up about finally seeing the zines for the first time but also I was waiting for Nasa, Brian, and Johann to get there. We went to Hotel Vegas and ate and did some shit I honestly don’t really even remember. Nasa, Brian and I went back to the Airbnb at like 6 to “””nap””” before we “”went back out up”” but obviously just passed out for the rest of the night!!!

13480024Anthony Azar and John Zimmerman of The Muckers by Luis Lucio

13480029The Muckers by Luis Lucio

Cheryl came in at like 4 am and then the next day we had to wake up semi early to get to Morelo’s House which is where for the second year in a row we cohosted Quit Your Day Job II with Siren Sounds. I woke up feeling ALIVE after 2 days of being a complete and utter lifeless shit. ANYWAYS we get to the house pick up beer and start setting up. The bill is like 30 bands long—Kyle Avallone, CHILLEMI, and Moonwalks kicked things off and the rest of the lineup was littered with a bunch of other local favorites—Thick, BOYTOY, Bambara, The Muckers etc.

BW brian cherylgeorgette 12810012 loresCHILLEMI

moonwalks cherylgeorgette 12810006 loresMoonwalks

BW moonwalks cheryl georgette 12810009 lores

There were more bands on the setlist but TBH we dipped for a hot minute because Johann was playing across town at some sort of Australian barbecue. We headed over because I love (I think we all do) seeing a man do the splits on the roof and continually injure his balls for about 25 minutes straight. There was some weird shit going on at the venue and even though Promiseland was playing outdoors and it seemed like there was room for us the door dude wouldn’t let us “”in”” but its fine because Johann climbed all over everything anyways and was on the roof. It was pretty wild and some guy came running out of the venue screaming about how we had to get him down from the roof (how exactly we could do that when he was again I repeat, on a roof who knows).

sxsw cherylgeorgette 12850012 lores

bambara cherylgeorgette 12850015 loresBambara

bambara cherylgeorgette 12840018 lores

We came back to Morelo’s House and honestly at this point I’m like blackout. I’m kidding—not black out but tbh I can’t remember shit. Cold Lunch Pressings also have a shit ton of jello shots that they’re doing to get rid of so I start handing the suckers out and doing like a million.

The sound at the show is not like excellent but fuck its its a house show and everyone has about 15 minute sets anyways so what REALLY can you do? But there was a taco window and the guy running it was handing out free screw drivers and it was truly solace.

bambara cherylgeorgette 12840014 lores

BW tamim brian _cherylgeorgette_12810002_lores

The show starts to wind down at like 9 or 10 maybe 11—WHO KNOWS so we help clean up and then we go across the street to some very janky but in the moment exciting fast food burger place and we are in bed by MIDNIGHT—a dream come true.


boytoy cherylgeorgette 12850002 lores

A quick detour to see Promiseland

sxsw promiseland cherylgeorgette 12850001 lores



Everything Else (days 1 and 2.5) by Luis Lucio

Okay so I’m calling this day 2.5 but it’s really just everything else. We were hungover the entire time at mostly at Hotel Vegas I think, I mean who knows. The day of our showcase Luis, Johann and I went into town to eat because our place in the suburbs was literally next to absolutely nothing. Luis and I then went to go check out the bands where we saw some shit including Yonatan Gat with a Native American tribe which literally made Luis so happy I thought he was going to die but I was hot, sweaty and trying to regain the will to live before we had to start setting up for our showcase.


Anthony Azar by Luis Lucio


Yonatan Gat by Luis Lucio

I left Luis to geek out with his people and take his beautiful photos while I went in search of something happen at one of the 90 million stages at Hotel Vegas. During said process I by chance came across Bambara who were playing a quick set and then I caught sets from White Wooly and which were maybe the only two bands I came across and enjoyed enough to proactively register.





Yonatan Gat by Luis Lucio


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