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April 6: Xiu Xiu, Dreamcrusher, and Gold Dime @ Brooklyn Bazaar, 9PM ($13)

Are you excited for the return of Twin Peaks? Then you should either be familiar with or get to know Xiu Xiu, top-level execs in the business of making music however the hell they want (including an album covering Angelo Badalamenti’s oozy Twin Peaks soundtrack) will be in NYC this Thursday April 6th. With a new album in tow called FORGET, the San Jose trio are going to put on a hell of a show at Greenpoint’s Brooklyn Bazaar.

While the Twin Peaks soundtrack is absolutely brilliant (I’ll be thoroughly upset if I can’t dance to “Audrey’s Dance”), and they have 15 years of musical pickings on top of that, the new album will make for some stellar live performances. This album, as much as I imagine they would hate to hear it, is their most pop-sensible work yet. It’s got gleaming moments, sunshine peering out behind gray cloudy bursts, essences of (parodied?) hip-hop, and stacks of synthesized compulsion. The lyrics are oddly heartfelt in the midst of Xiu Xiu’s jittery chaos.

The show is set to begin at 9, with doors at 8. The first opener for Xiu Xiu is Gold Dime, whose name seems to coincidentally reference to last week’s wave-making podcast, S-Town. Gold Dime’s twitter describes their sound as, “The Residents, only more intimate and on fire.” It doesn’t seem they’ve posted much music recently, but you can get a taste here. Just before Xiu Xiu is self-proclaimed “NIHILIST QUEER REVOLT MUSIK,” Dreamcrusher. The prolific Brooklynite makes music for those who are anti-everything except for maybe Death Grips & Pharmakon. A lot of their music is posted on Bandcamp as well as on Spotify.

More info on the show here.

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