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YAASSS premiere first single “Full Moon Junkies”

Photo by Rachel Cabitt.

If you haven’t been treated to the gift of a YAASSS show, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Despite running, jumping, and screaming around Brooklyn for a while, these kooky psych-rockers haven’t yet released an official single…until today!

The self-proclaimed “falafel rockers” have cultivated a reputation for their bombastic live shows that nail you with a fistful of glitter to the face. To prove it, they’ve released “Full Moon Junkies” today, a jam perfectly tuned for your next Burning Man acid trip. The band shreds and surfs along a surf-rock organ as Dr. FeelAwful speeds through a combination of singing, screaming, and howling. Fast, furious, and perhaps a bit nonsensical, the track nearly reeks of mosh pit sweat.

If you want a taste of the rainbow madness, be sure to catch YAASSS celebrate their first single this sunday, July 22, with The Muckers and Rose Cologne. With a little luck, you’ll walk away covered in sweat and glitter and partially deaf.

Find YAASSS on BandcampFacebook, and Instagram.

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