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Listen: Devoye “Never Gonna Stay”

Not everyone can say they are made to dance, some people are more reticent to reveal their natural gestures. Yet, that connection between song and movement is essential.  The New York-based artist Devoy, who also goes by the moniker DJ Voye has felt this instinctive urge to go back to dance music. Reminding listeners about the importance of rhythmic drums — his first musical love. 

Devoye’s latest track “Never gonna stay” is a pulsating banger, even for the shyest dancer, it’s impossible not to let your feet tap or sway your hips to the syncopated drums and the natural groove of the bass. The music is naturally somatic—rather than the mind deterring one from movement, the beat of the song is felt and as the delay enters the impact of the drop is hypnotic.

“Never gonna stay” is now on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

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