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Listen: “Grey Area” by Jerry Paper ft. Weyes Blood

Jerry Paper may or may not be a real person. I mean, Lucas Nathan is a real person, but whether Jerry Paper is just a stage name for the synth artist Lucas Nathan, or if he is a multi-dimensional entity who sometimes inhabits Nathan’s body remains to be seen.

Paper/Nathan‘s latest single “Grey Area” featuring Weyes Blood sounds like some sort of cross between what you would commonly hear in an elevator and the obvious soundtrack to the Scientology inspired ritual that Nathan uses to summon the persona of Jerry Paper.

This ritual consists of Lucas Nathan putting a flower garland around his neck and silk robe around his shoulders. Through this ritual, former Brooklyn busboy Lucas Nathan transforms into Synth-Pop weirdo Jerry Paper, much the way that Clark Kent becomes Superman simply by taking a pair of glasses off.

My theory is that Jerry Paper really is a separate entity from Lucas Nathan. I listened to “Grey Area” (from Paper/Nathan‘s upcoming album Like A Baby¬†coming in October) at midnight the other night while eating a brownie and uncovered a blue flower garland in my laundry the very next morning. It was creepy, ironic, and mystifying. The Paper/Nathan track is just that good.

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