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Listen: Lunacre “Love Being Lost”

Lunacre’s blissfully numb new single “Love Being Lost” is here to ease the feeling of summer coming to a close. The London four-piece’s first single from their upcoming EP Pearl Tabloid effortlessly takes you through a ethereal mix of self-reflection, nostalgia and contentment with life’s insignificant moments. Lunacre added that “Love Being Lost” is centered around the sense of being suspended and comfortable in routine, while having an empty longing feeling inside. A more down to Earth description—the first time I listened to it was on a uncomfortably crowded bus without air-conditioning in 90° weather (32°C for you Londoners) and it helped me dislike that experience less.

“Love Being Lost” is definitely a step towards a more natural and open sound when compared to their previous EP Schtum. A change that can be attributed to the band recording the song during a transitional period in their lineup. That being said, the new track still carries their synthesizer heavy, acoustic guitar and effected drum kit sound of earlier tunes, but also a new life that definitely makes their new EP something to look forward to.

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