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Listen: Native Sun “Sister”

Review by Alberto Pazzi.

I went to the first ever Native Sun show a few months ago at Berlin NYC. I got there a little late and the band had already started. But I remember vividly, as I was trying to get past the bouncer with a Mexican ID, hearing some delightful sounds coming from inside the venue. Going down the stairs as I approached the basement, my heart began to pound and a flash of lightning went down my spine, it was Rock and Roll.

I felt just like in that scene in Blow-Up when the main character enters a room where The Yardbirds are “Strolling On.” Only this time, the powerful riffs were being unleashed by the flame-throwing guitar of Jake Pflum. Joining him on stage, was Mo Martinez beating the strings of a black bass, Alexis Castro on the drums and frontman Danny Gomez, roaring through a fast, electric and sweaty set. It was magnetic. I felt euphoric to know that I was witnessing history. 

Since then, I’ve been to every one of their shows, and the boys keep getting better and better. After the release of their first single “Palindrome” they’re back with a new song called “Sister.” The track is a looser fun number that sounds like the love child of the Rolling Stones and a drunk Ace Frehley impersonator putting on make-up to hit the streets on a Friday night. “Sister” will make you shake your hips and move your feet, guaranteed. It’s perhaps the most relaxed track amongst the highly anticipated dose of -slightly psychedelic- garage punk from their upcoming EP.

These are not your usual skinny-trousered kids singing about things they don’t know yet. In spite of their young age and very short career, the most impressive thing about Native Sun is how awake and determined they are. I remember listening to “Sister” for the first time on Danny’s phone when he told me “this song is dedicated to the eternal creatures of the night searching for the world’s love and acceptance.” Behind the lyrics there’s a story about drag queens that used to take over the stage of a beloved Bushwick bar and these bold performances made a huge impression in Gomez.

The Native Sun is rising and speaking up for freedom and equality through a manifesto that they wear like a flag—“whats more American than a Band of Immigrants?” and for that, I salute them.

Native sun play alongside Surf Rock is Dead and Blood Cultures on October 6th at Rough Trade, tickets and details here. Keep up with Native Sun on Facebook and Instagram.

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