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Listen: “Pretty Little Fucker” Surfbort

Surfbort offers up some serious punk attitude and a whole lot of noise. This is demonstrated quite well in their latest single, “Pretty Little Fucker.” Yeah, you can probably tell they’re punk from the song title at least.

Based in Brooklyn, the group likes to sing about how NYC isn’t as cool as it used to be, and they manage to make it sound pretty fresh. Above all, it’s fitting, as they recently signed to Julian Casablanca’s Cult Records, a perfect New York staple. Front person Dani Miller nails it with the delivery while David Head Jr. adds vicious guitar, getting us excited for the rest of the album which was produced by Jonathan Schenke and Chad Ubovich. Maybe Brooklyn is the new NYC.

“Pretty Little Fucker” is off the band’s forthcoming debut album, Friendship Music, set to drop on October 26th.

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