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Video Premiere: Dad “Road Soda”

There’s nothing better than a new single paired with a music video to help you stick it to the man. NYC-based punk rockers Dad bring you “Road Soda,” their newest song and video that slaps corporate America right in its stupid face. The band Dad is like the parent that said they were going out to get smokes and never returned. Dad’s children are six-packs of cheap beer and misfits that like to punch the air like nobody’s watching. So it’s no surprise that their first single from their upcoming EP (out 9/21) is a drunk father’s lecture about responsibility. “You better think of the nature of your consequences, I know you probably haven’t,” the fatherly figure of the band wearing a disheveled suit screeches along to fast, heavy and dark beats.  “If I don’t get my road soda, I’m gonna turn this fucking thing around.” Watch and listen to the premiere of “Road Soda” below and Dad will finally be proud of you. And catch them 9/22 at Ecno Lounge for Black Black’s record release show and 9/27 for a Noiselove showcase at Alphaville.

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