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Listen: Promiseland “Take Down The House”

Photo and review by Luis Lucio.

Entering an afterparty in the deepest pit of the underground, you first notice everyone dancing their sweaty asses off before realizing that in the middle of the dance floor a sacrificial ceremony to a pagan god is going on.
It’s grotesque and voyeuristic but you can’t stop watching it and find yourself gravitating towards joining in. That is what I pictured in my head listening to “Take Down the House” by Promiseland, the new Cult Records artist.

This first single is dense, intriguing and fresh, it has a hypnotic rhythm with dusky synths and a desolate but passionate voice that goes between industrial, post-punk and no wave. It’s call to action, to violence, to smash whatever is in front of you and dance on top of the remains.
Listen to the track and don’t miss a chance (any chance) to see Promiseland live. He throws himself into the performance as if it’s his first and last performance as he pushes the spectacle it it’s absolute limit. After all, it’s his ceremony and he’s about to be sacrificed.
Promiseland plays on September 19th at Niagra, details below.

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