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Oct 6: Martin Rev (Suicide), Escape-Ism (The Make-Up) & Roya @ Murmrr ($20)

You know that uncontrollable feeling when something so absurd happens to you that your eyes just start twitching and you’re speechless and can only maniacally cry-laugh? Well, that’s how this lineup makes me feel. We’ve got not just one, but TWO pioneering punk rockers co-headlining the night to blow your mind into a million satisfied pieces. Martin Rev from Suicide, the band known for the punk anthem “Dream Baby Dream,” a track that influences dozen of musicians and venue names out there with it’s experimental punk/doo-wop infusion.

And Escape-Ism, aka Ian Svenonius, a project from the original post-punker from The Make-Up is like nothing you’ve ever seen on stage before. It’s ability to create a sound that’s both contemporary stylish and too-cool-for-school retro will make you cry. And, of course, the sultry NYC-rockers Roya who play catchy/sway-able melodies to songs about the end of world or the woes of humanity. Come to Murmrr’s beautiful ballroom and let’s all laugh-cry/ rock out together. All ages—Oct. 6th @ 7pm.

Tix & info here.

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