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Photo Diary: Behind the Scenes of Surfbort’s Trashworld

Story by Surfbort, Polaroids by Amanda Adam, Pics by Renee Parkhurst 

By all accounts it was a stupid idea: shoot a no budget music video on film at high noon in August on Bombay Beach…the Salton Sea’s most environmentally devastated waterfront. Beach is kind of a misnomer…what looked like sand was actually a roasting litter box of decomposing fish that smelled like rotten mackerel on a pile of diarrhea. It was 120 degrees, 12 people huddled under a six person umbrella between takes, and the roll of film our band suffered the most for…the water’s edge death scenes where we all were covered in puked up mouthfuls of warm blue Karo and writhed around on sharp fish bones that gave us open sores that still haven’t healed…melted and was lost forever. Also our drummer Sean fucked his arm up in the final shot swinging from the rafters of an abandoned ship. But what we did get out of it was some bonding with the heroes of the shoot — Becky Perez: Prop Master, Rene Parkhurst/Amanda Adam/David Fearn: fearless photog masters, Kelsey Rubenstein: trash styling queen, Candy and Courtney Gibson: Lizard Wranglers, Don De Vore: Shade thrower, Nick Arnold, Alaska Mangialetto, Drew Donnelly, Ciara Maccaro, Tiffany Shepis savior lifeguard, and Alex Herzog fearless partier. Gore makeup by the incredible Holly Silius and Alexis Miranda.

Thanks to the Bowling friends and fam for an unforgettable time! And thanks To Bozidar Brazda for believing in our vision.


Friendship Music is out October 28th via Cult Records/Fat Possum. Find Surfbort on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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