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Premiere: Eyes of Love “Elevator”

If you don’t yet know the Brooklyn band Eyes of Love, the single “Elevator” is a good introduction to their post-punk instrumental alien music.

The voice of Andrea Schiavelli slow dances with cinematographic violins. The song seems to say, “Don’t be too sad to close a chapter – get ready to open a new one,” while maintaining its sense of melancholia.

Experienced and mature musicians Lily Konigsberg, Sammy Weissberg and Paco Cathcart’s well-honed skills and confidence put any listener in a mood for love and adventure. In some ways, the romanticism of their kind of rock n’ roll makes me think about Suicide (the band) and I’m not surprised that Schiavelli was reading a lot of JG Ballard.

End of the Game, the new album from Eyes of Love, will be out on Wharf Cat Records on Aug 17th. The title is clearly no coincidence – they are not playing around. The band is ready to surprise you with amazing new wave, post-punk music laced with a multitude of ambiances and images. Although layered and varied, there’s also great consistency and fluidity bringing it all together.

In the mean time, we still get to cherish “Elevator”. This song can be the soundtrack to the end of your summer. A tender way to exit one season and slip into the next.

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