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Premiere: David Vassalotti’s “This Extravagant Lie” strips the soul bare

With its seamless ability to hit the bullseye of the soul, “This Extravagant Lie,” the latest track from David Vassalotti’s forthcoming album Guitar Dream, feels like a cathartic late-night chat with a close friend—it is both comforting and open, all while radiating a sense of purity through its astute vulnerability.

The poeticism of the lyrics that chronicle coming to terms with a lost love wraps is a raw listening experience that can cause even the sturdiest of emotional walls to tumble down. Paired with the lyrics is a soundscape so richly layered that it qualifies itself for several careful listens to ensure that you pick up the abundance of detail. The melodic interplay between the guitars textures the track with an alluring sense of delicacy, which complements the ethereal power of Vassalotti’s vocal performance.

To state it simply after, “This Extravagant Lie,” you won’t feel the same as you did before pressing play. It leaves a tightness in your chest—a testament to its impact. Its emotional honesty and carefully crafted arrangement exposes and emboldens the somberness that peppers the human experience, but in that lies a quiet beauty that gradually opens the heart and mind alike with each listen.

Guitar Dream will be released January 25th via Wharf Cat Records

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