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Procession: Sometime maybe

These are some photos from some ridiculously fun shows during the last few months.

Ojay San Felipe, Chorizo, at El Cortez.

Shannon Lee of Teen Body, at Baby’s All Right.

This isn’t something I’ve really thought about, but when you see it, it’s like, wow, how rare and refreshing is it to see an Asian American front-woman?

Matt Tillwick of Navy Gangs, at their album release show for Poach.

Also rare to see an Asian American frontman, both on the same night! Thanks y’all.

Wilson Keithline and Noah Kohll of Navy Gangs.

Eric Carney and Nazar Khamis of Gnarcissists, during Retail, at Niagara.

Young Eric Carney, and Elena Childers of BTR.

Jerome Peel of Gnarcissists rolling away.

Max Pain and the Groovies on the roof of Our Wicked Lady.

James Tyler Reed during Native Sun, at Carmelo’s.

The Muckers at Carmelo’s.

The Muckers at Carmelo’s.

Carmelo’s in Bushwick has shows now.

Alt Citizen contributor, Jessica Gurewitz.

Ana Bobrovska and Jessica Gurewitz.

Sahd Wyte Guyz played the roof of an apartment building.

Sometimes the after party is better than the show… Jennifer Hussey, Lily Rogers, and Jessica Gurewitz.

Jess and Naz.

Chorizo, at The Pyramid Club.

Gnarcissists opened for Surfbort’s Friendship Music album release show, at Baby’s All Right.

Nazar gives me anxiety sometimes.

Ruby Trademark.

Ruby Trademark.

Dani Miller of Surfbort.

Gnarcissists and friends covered Butthole Surfers on Halloween, at Knockdown Center.

Gnarcissists and friends, Nazar Khamis, Matti Orr, Miranda Zipse, Chris Trombley, Emir Mohseni.

Syd Walsh of Flasyd, at Berlin. This is a funny one because it doesn’t look at all like what their music sounds like.

Sahd Wyte Guyz, at Berlin.

The Muckers at their EP release show for It’s Better Without You, at Union Pool.


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