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Six New Tracks


New tracks from the corners of the internet handpicked by yours truly at Alt Citizen.

Canadian band Mise en Scene released “Show Me You’re Real” last week to celebrate being signed to Light Organ Records. The track is a more polished version of the grunge-surf rock resurgence that’s been taking over the underground music scene in the last year or so.

Is it new-wave? Is it funk? Is it post-punk? Whatever it is, it’s fun. Brooklyn’s Operator Music Band makes music for walking down the sidewalk in your new shoes. Maybe with an icecream cone in hand.

Is Bernache 2017’s Dido? Call us and let us know. “Your Name”‘s relaxing slow-motion vibe makes a nice backbone for its bubbly synths and emotional vox.

Toronto’s Century Palm are releasing an album March 10th called Meet You and this is the first track. It’s fast paced and bright, but drones on like a Suicide track. Really nice mix of darker post-punk riffs and sun-soaked keys.

Psychedelic pop is big business these days. Blossom & The Kills are taking a stake in that business with this lo-fi, watery investment. Think Grizzly Bear produced by Tame Impala.

A dream-pop project out of Auckland, Fazerdaze makes music for people who want to be floating in clouds of champagne. It’s crystalline & sparkling with pop sensibilities.

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