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Save Shea Stadium

Before the end of 2016 we went over how many venues we lost in the city. Now comes another turning point where you can help prevent the further eradication of our struggling DIY scene. Shea Stadium, the perfectly dirty, grimey, divey and ephemeral Brooklyn venue has been open on and off for the past few months. In what is likely the most divisive moment of their struggle to remain open, Shea Stadium is looking for support from you, us and New York to stay open and continue existing as a home for bands, musicians and art.

Without venues and spaces like Shea Stadium, Alt Citizen wouldn’t have much to write about. So donate $5, $10, whatever you can muster. They’re currently offering different incentives for your support ranging from free music downloads to free shows to a chance to meet the Mets. To pledge or see more information check out their Kickstarter here.


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