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1966 FT-30 Epiphone Caballero – $750

Great little guitar for an awesome price! If I didn’t own a Gibson LG-O already I would grab this one up. Small bodied, all mahogany with upgraded bridge (just like you would have to on any LG-O) – this is a wonderful guitar. Great mid-range and not too loud either so you can sing along with it without much effort. Hardcase with flashy red lining included!


As the seller states these 1960’s Epiphones were made along side Gibson’s at the factory after Gibson bought Epiphone out. They have many models that are the SAME GUITAR but with a different label on them or in this case headstock. Think about it.

Location: Astoria, Queens

Or if you want to be boring there is a reissue you can google up any ‘ol time.

1967 Fender Bassman in Newall cabinet – $1075

I really dig this one! Putting the chassis of a 1967 Fender Bassman head into a beautiful blonde 1×12″ cabinet by Newall this is a real winner. This takes the amp down to half the size and you’ve still got that classic, raw Bassman sound. If it was me I would have went with a 15″ speaker but this works for me as well!


There have been some mods as you can see both 2nd input jacks have been replaced with mid knobs.  The circuit has been taken to JTM specs to bring this closer to the Marshall sound along with a Celestial 65 Creamback speaker in the custom cabinet. Presence knob too boot on the back!

Location: Fishkill, NY

Here’s a thread that talk about this very type of modifications and possible speaker options.

1982 FENDER CHAMP II – $500

In 1982 Fender discontinued their line of classic amplifiers we all know and love. In their place came a series of amps designed for more power and gain to match the upcoming decade and compete with Mesa Boogie and other new companies. The Champ II is that very thing – 18 watts vs the original Champs 5 watts, 10″ speaker vs 8″ and solid state rectifier vs tube rectifier – and we can’t forget the pull out knob for mid-range boost.


Discontinued at the end of 1983, this is a very rare amp! Hardwired and oozing that Fender sound with a bit of some modern kick this is a deal not to be missed! Comes with upgraded Celestion Vintage speaker along with the original. Dig it.

Location: Morristown, NJ

Watch this dude hang with his Champ II and some old cars!


Alright now we’re talking! Sweet vintage bass for the kind of price I like! Another Fender classic here – really a stripped down version of the Fender Mustang. The main downside to these basses was the pickup that Fender used – a cheap guitar pickup they had in abundance at the factory. That said, this seller has upgraded this baby and now she’s a low-end machine!


These go for a grand in some music stores so don’t miss out on this one! Great for small hands, great for guitar players and great for anyone who wants a vintage Fender that won’t make you put a lean on your house!

Location: Greenpoint, BK

Be one of the many greats who got down with the Musicmaster Bass!

Tips: Find something on Brian’s List but the link has since expired? This doesn’t mean the item has been sold. It just means the seller did not repost the item in time. If it is an item you are really excited about; search craigslist for it using bold terms (model name etc). It could have been reposted under a different link or a new post altogether (updated pics, info etc.) If it is not sold it will pop up again in the next few days. Don’t sweat it.

In the case of something you are seriously considering, it’s good to make initial contact with the seller even if you can’t immediately purchase the item or make it out to where ever it is located right away. This could help you too build a relationship with the seller and he/she may hold it for you over someone else until you are ready. But as we all know- CASH IS KING.

Find Brian online @chillemi_nyc

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