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Watch: Surfbort “Slushy”

Climate change is fucking with the seasons, but they’re still changing (even if it’s at a snail’s pace). Cuffing season is upon us and it’s likely you’ll find yourself with someone new to make the New York winter a little less unbearable. What happens once the snow melts, though? Are you gonna keep the winter model around or switch them out for something flashy and new come springtime?

Surfbort supports freaks in love and their video for “Slushy” is a punk plea to keep that love alive. The music video directed by John Stavas like a technicolor snow cone dipped in acid. Surfbort exists in a fluorescent, green screen universe all their own, complete with posters that read “TRUMP IS MY SEX SLAVE – ABORT TRUMP” and “JESUS SAVES” accompanied by a cartoon of someone giving head. Fuzzing guitars are surrounded by a drippy, trippy atmosphere, flashes of band members multiplied times 10, and walls that melt and glitch as the song reaches it’s peak before Dani Miller screams “get the fuck out of my house!” ending the trip with a knowing laugh and bringing us back down to reality.

“Slushy” is off Surfbort’s debut record, Friendship Music, out October 26 via Cult Records and Fat Possum. Pre-order the album here.


You can follow Dani Miller and Surfbort on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. RSVP to the FREE album release party at Baby’s All Right here.

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