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Album Stream: BRNDA ‘Year of the Manatee’

BRNDA are a bouncy, fuzz-heavy “snackcore” band from DC, and they want you to let loose and explore your sexuality — and swipe some tasty treats along the way. Their sound — a poppy combination of garage and post-punk, with freakout vocals that seem equally (and awesomely) inspired by Modest Mouse and the B-52s — is as driving as it is dance-inducing. Now, we have the exclusive pleasure of streaming BRNDA’s debut LP, Year of the Manatee.

The album opens with propulsive drum work and a series of howls and yawps, reflective of the furious energy that permeates throughout each of these eight exuberant tracks. The first single, “Snacks,” is a sweet, head-bobbing jaunt, and when singer Dave Lesser screams “It’s a party!” you can’t help but think he’s referencing the entire album¬† — and then wholeheartedly agree with him. Clearly, BRNDA want you up and moving, and they’re going to get you to shake your ass whether they’re singing to you about redwoods and sequoia trees or what it’s like going steady with good ole Jesus. And it’s this signature mix of humor, sincerity, and sugary frenzies of sound — particularly in their second single, “Go Bi” — that make you feel like you’re in the company of an old, charmingly bonkers friend.

Listen to the exclusive stream below, then check out their album release show with Baltimore’s Wildhoney and BCDC’s Den-Mate at Black Cat if you happen to be in DC. More info here. And pre-order your copy of ‘Year of the Manatee’ here.

Year of the Manatee is out July 30 from Babe City Records.



photo by Michael Andrade

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