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EP Premiere: War Violet ‘Getaway’

The hot and sticky summer calls for War Violet’s whimsical escapism of psychedelic folk rock. Multi-instrumentalist Jummy Aremu debuts her self-released EP Getaway today, culminating her musical journey and transformation of last two years into an apartment-recorded EP of four distinct songs that each tell a story. The EP combines multiple genres of jangly pop, lo-fi, folk, and rock opera. I’m getting the Beach Boys meets Angel Olsen vibes, and it’s pretty groovy.

Though Getaway overalls evokes upbeat and sunny vibes, Aremu’s lyrics and vocals hint a sense of longing. Bittersweet, kind of like how summer feels in its last days. Throw on your big 70s sunglasses, listen to this while walking around, and “create a world shielded from the harshness of city life,” as Aremu intended.

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