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Listen: Bunny Michael Unleashes Spiritual Demons in “They”

Brooklyn rapper turned sexual mystic, Bunny Michael teases fans with an intimate low-key banger to briefly distract us from whatever the fuck is happening in the United States right now. “They” is a followup to the kinky feminist anthem, “888”  where the “androgynous butterfly sex toy” is celebrated and calls for an end to the patriarchy. Faint kitten sound bites and erotic fairy tale synths are absorbed into Michael’s savage bars on this track which she warns, “Im fucking with some mystical shit.” The genderqueer multi-media artist who is gaining recognition for her empowering body-double memes on Instagram spoke to The Fader on the meaning of the new track sharing, “They” is becoming the witness to your own actions and performative qualities, such as gender roles, political ideologies, civil disobedience, judgements, and relationships.” We could use a lot more of her in 2017. 

Fall into Bunny Michael’s world below.

Catch Bunny Michael at the Self-Love Ball at The Good Room, February 14th in Brooklyn.

“They” is off Bunny Michael’s upcoming album,  Nature Slut, A Telenovela.

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